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35 years Professional OEM experience

& PCB assembly manufacturer

EMS manufacturing service

First Creation Co. established in 1983. We provide components sourcing, SMT, DIP, Solder, assembly, test, finished product package. Our major service product includes SMT, LED, consumer electronic, communication, IOT, car electronic, computer peripherals, IPC…etc. First creation implements ERP & MES to adapt the marketing & technical requirement to be a 1st choice partner to our customer. Please contact us if you any help.


High quality PCB assembly & one-stop service

First creation provides SMT, DIP, Soldering, assembly, test, finished product package and one-stop service. We keep continuous advance the automated manufacture to change DIP to “Selective Wave Soldering Machine”, “automatic soldering machine” to adapt one-stop service to satisfy our customer.

SMT, DIP 24hrs service

SMT is 24hrs service to reach 6KK (Chip) in daily production capacity. In additional, 24hrs service in DIP production. The flexible production schedule to reach customer’s requirement ETA and small-volume large variety production


Correct concept, manufacture method to adapt qualified quality.


Rapid , proactive management sprit, punctual delivery


Responsibility attitude of enthusiasm Sustainable business philosophy


Innovative technology, schedule to competitive price



Proactive, Challenge


Rapid, Exceed expectations


Sincerity to others, promises


constantly changing, Create infinite


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