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AOI S500


New concept in AOI for "optimization of customer’s quality cost".
The system uses innovative technologies to greatly reduce "inspection costs," which has been a major issue in conventional AOI technologies. 
Moreover, while harnessing quality improvement systems, it facilitates efficient "defect prevention" to contribute to the reduction of "the end customer failure costs."

  • Equipped with Color Highlight™ 3D (Core Technology)
  • Direct input of quality standards. High-speed startup with automatic programming. (Patent Pending)
  • Inspection time improves of 60%* compared with conventional models
  • Available in dual lane
  • Minimize the effect of secondary reflection and shadow
  • Auto parameter calculation to counteract the variation of components
  • PCB position adjustment algorithm. Automatically detects to offset position of land position according to PCB variation and warpage.

(Reference: OMRON)