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BGA 936A


Convenient, Accurate, High Efficiency
First Different Color Alignment System

  • The sole design for adjustable hot air forcible guide
  • Ultra large bottom heating (360x260 mm)
  • High efficiency cooling system
  • Reflow profile inspection system

High Efficiency is the ultimate goal in our constant pursue of perfection. Possessing fine heating element with 1000W upper hot air injection and ultra large IR bottom heating system, 936UA offers excellent efficiency in soldering and desoldering performance. Versatile clamper is specially designed for various P.C.B. from mobile phone to server field. 

Reliability of 936UA guarantees the quality and stable yield rate.  The use of New Fuzzy Industrial Microprocessor and Aviation Industrial Precision Linear Mechanism brings more accurate and reliable result.  Precise and clear Different Color Alignment System makes alignment trustworthy.

User-Friendly design with integrated operation interface brings working pleasure to operators.  No need for extra equipment or air-supply, AC power itself is sufficient.  Within 2 hours of training, operator could understand and operate our intuitive operation controller with ease for it is that user friendly.

(Reference: Fonton)